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I spent most of yesterday getting ready for next Saturday's "Holiday Craft Fair"... so many paintings to sign, title, wrap, box, etc! Maybe toooo many? I suppose it's better to be over-prepared than running around like crazy last-minute ;) If you're in the Richmond area, feel free to drop by and see all the handmade art!!!  I'll be the one probably adorned in clothing with cats on it at (yesssss) by a table that says "Scenes by Colleen" full of (mostly little) paintings. :)

Holiday Craft Fair
Saturday, Dec 9th (between 12 and 4 PM) at:
Westover Hills Branch, Richmond Public Library,
1408 Westover Hills Blvd, Richmond, VA 23225

Craft Show Prep1 by crazycolleeny

Raffle winners have been notified! Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone for participating :D :D :D

Early in November, I decided to test out painting on small wood circles (I primed them first, of course) to see what I’d like. I also used some quick-drying medium since I wanted to test out some spray varnish on them after they had dried for a while. The results are below – a few magnets and a few ornaments (well, you could hang them anywhere, but I’ll call them ornaments). Just comment “magnet” or “ornament” (and your favorite, if you like) for a chance to win one at random!  (Larger pics below, too)

Raffle 2017-12 by crazycolleeny

Bigger pics of ornaments and magnets:

Untitled by crazycolleeny

Untitled by crazycolleeny

All three winners were from Facebook this time! Thank you all for participating and good luck on the next one :D

RAFFLE TIME! I wasn't sure what to raffle off this time, but I noticed some of my old flower paintings (actually, the 3rd one is a drawing) and thought they kind of stand out as not really my "style." Which of course makes me wonder how I'd make flower paintings in my style, so maybe you'll see some interesting flower art at some point, haha :) In any case, if you like any of this flower art, let me know which is your favorite for a chance to win one :)

November Raffle by crazycolleeny

(And yes, I know I still have one more skull painting to go ;) )
Hi everyone!  Happy Halloween!
A few quick things:
(1) I am having a sale on all skull paintings for TODAY ONLY on my Etsy site!
(2) In celebration of this crazy skull project, I'm "hosting an event" on my Facebook page, which is basically a place for me to ramble about silly things and show pictures all day because I don't usually update social media that often, so if you'd like to see what I'm up to today, I'll be posting there :)
(3) I was not able to start Skull 50 last night, so I'll be working on that tonight (and probably still updating that Facebook event while I work on it, if you want to see some in-progress stuff)
(4) Have a wonderfully spooky day :D
Skull Sale Picture by crazycolleeny

Have you been watching me paint skulls in the last month and a half?  I just wanted to let everyone know that they will all be listed on my Etsy site at the end of the month (Oct 31st - Halloween of course!), and on that day - for ONE DAY - they will be on sale.  Afterwards, all remaining skull paintings will be back to their normal price. 

Etsy store:…

I had previously planned to auction them off, but I had to change that due to technical difficulties, plus Etsy has seemed to be a good place to sell my art so far.  Since I had to change last minute and can't do auctions on Etsy, I thought I'd offer a discounted price for one day (even though I never have sales and might not ever again).

When I'm done with all the paintings (probably sometime on the 30th), I'll make a video (and post the link on my page) so everyone can see all of them together and see how I've done! 

Also, thanks to everyone who's been watching, liking, commenting, sharing, etc.  It's been difficult for me to keep this up when I never seem to have enough time, and it's really nice to hear that people are watching to see what I come up with next - even if you don't like all of them - heck, even if you don't like any of them!  I always appreciate advice, too, since I'm still growing and experimenting with my art.  

The 50-Skull-Project is almost over!  Let me know if you have any ideas for what I should do next!!!  In the meantime, I just wanted to let everyone know about the sale of all the skulls on the 31st on my Etsy site.  Thanks again, and have a lovely (spooooky?) day :)

Update!  Winners are two from Facebook and one here from Deviantart (Jeccax!)!!!
Thank you all for entering and all the great ideas too; it looks like I may have to look into getting my skulls put on some merchandise! Fun! :D

Raffle time!
For this raffle, I'd like to put some of my art on merchandise - stickers, magnets, mugs, cards, shirts, phones, whatever!  Have other ideas?  Let me know!  So to enter the raffle, let me know (1) which item you think I should make and (2) which skull you'd like to see on it!  The winner(s) will be decided on Saturday.  Now I have to get back to painting more skulls so I can catch back up (there WILL be a skull painting posted later today), so good luck and thanks for watching!! 🙂

Raffle 2017 10 by crazycolleeny
Raffle winners have been decided!  Thanks to everyone who participated; I truly appreciate the input!!!  Congratulations to Robert Hudnall (first choice was B), Robert Donovan (first choice was D), and Daniel Barcelon (first choice was Q)! 

The other minis will be up in my Etsy shop soon (probably by tomorrow or Monday), and the next raffle will be October 4th :)…


The time has come for the monthly Raffle!!!  Let me know your top THREE favorites (by comment or message) for a chance to win one!  I know that there are so many here, but you can go to my photos to see closeups of all of them.   Also, you don't *have* to tell me your top three, but it helps me figure out what I should make more of, so at least put your favorite if you want to enter the raffle.  Winners will be announced some time tomorrow.  Best of luck!!! :)

September2017Raffle by crazycolleeny
(1) The winner of the raffle is Kara from Facebook, who chose the third painting!!! Congratulations!
(2) I live in a relatively small place and am becoming overrun with paintings. I would love a little extra space on my walls for newer paintings, so if you really loved #1 or #2 - I'm offering them for the price of shipping. First come, first served, so let me know ASAP if you want either!
[Update: the other two paintings have also been claimed]

Thanks to everyone for participating!!! I really appreciate knowing what kind of art people like! :)

Raffle time! 

I pulled out a few old forest paintings where I was still learning to paint with Bob Ross (one is a little newer but still in the Bob Ross style), and I thought people might like to help free up my walls for new paintings ;)  So let me know which is your favorite for a chance to win one of these for your wall! :D

2017-08 Raffle by crazycolleeny
Update: Holy cow, both winners are from Deviantart!  Congratulations to Ratofblades and LunarLilac!!!
The forest set was very popular, so I think I'll be ordering extras and putting some sets in my Etsy store :)

Monthly Raffle!  Let me know which is your favorite set (Forests, Mountains, Nebulae, or Animals) for a chance to win a set of notecards!  The winner(s) will receive a set of 12 cards in the set of their choice.  All you need to do to enter is to comment or send me a message before Saturday.  And if you're really keen on a different picture being included in a set, let me know that too!  (I couldn't decide which ones either, so I wouldn't mind changing or adding to a set!)  Good luck and thanks for watching!

Raffle July by crazycolleeny
It's been a while since I did a challenge, so my next challenge will be to paint a real nebula (which I haven't done in a while!).  I've chosen 9 options below - let me know your top two favorites, and I'll paint the one with the highest votes!  I may do some smaller versions of other favorites, too ;)

Fav Nebula Choose by crazycolleeny

And in case anyone is curious for some more info:
1 = Witch Head Nebula (faint reflection nebula in the constellation Orion)
2 = Thor's Helmet (emission nebula in constellation Canis Major)
3 = Helix Nebula (planetary nebula in Aquarius constellation)
4 = Rosette Nebula (emission nebula in Monoceros region of Milky Way)
5 = Crab Nebula (supernova remnant in Taurus constellation)
6 = Horsehead Nebula (dark nebula in constellation Orion)
7 = War and Peace Nebula or Lobster Nebula (diffuse nebula in constellation Scorpius)
8 = Butterfly Nebula or Bug Nebula (bipolar planetary nebula in constellation Scorpius)
9 = NGC 6188 (emission nebula in Ara constellation)
I'm very bashful now; I've just watched the video from the local news in Asheville, NC where the 4th grade students just received the raffle paintings from last month's raffle... 😳
Yes, there are a few errors (I do not live in NC, and it was my monthly raffle which they found out about because the teacher looked me up after watching my Art-o-Mat video, not an "Art-o-Mat contest"); I forgot to include info about myself with the package I sent so there are a few assumptions based on what they did know... but it is adorable nonetheless. 
You can see what I'm talking about here:…
I can't stop blushing; their reactions are so cute!

Also, I've recently listed a ton of the mini-spacescapes (just like the ones the kids won!) in my Etsy store, so now you can grab your favorite one if you want :D…

Just thought I'd let anyone know who might be interested :D
Have a great weekend, everyone :)
Edit: Raffle winners have been decided, all entered through Facebook (I had a huge response there this time!):
Rhoda Hymel (1 - Autumn Tree)
Ryleigh Cahill (2 - Evening Pier)
Jacqui Stallard (3 - Cloudy Night)

Raffle time! This month's raffle is for one of three 9x12" older paintings: (1) a thickly textured painting/palette knife painting of a tree in autumn, (2) a dock/pier in the evening being lightly covered with ocean water, and (3) stars and moon peeking through light purple-shaded clouds. Let me know which one is your favorite (comment or send me a message) for a chance to win the original painting! Feel free to share if you like; anyone can enter as long as I can see the message or comment! Winner(s) announced Saturday. Best of luck :)

2017 06 Raffle Juneraffle by crazycolleeny

The title is pretty self-explanatory, but today (May 16th) is my birthday!

Also, 12 (yes, twelve!) of the new "extra-small" or "mini" paintings that I've been working on (the 6x6" ones) will be available in my Etsy shop today (at least... by 8am or so... I'll probably post this wayyyy too late at night, so you'll have to forgive me and wait until the morning if you want a few of them), so visit if you're interested (link and pictures below).  Or send me a message if you want me to reserve one for you if you aren't ready to buy but really love one (through deviantart's message system or email at or however you can get in touch with me).  They're $25 each ($27 with little easel) and really cute. :)…

IMG 0940c by crazycolleeny

IMG 0939c by crazycolleeny
The May Raffle winners are: (1) Kim Owen and (2) Robbie Lipe's 4th grade class! 
Kim Owen's prize will be a 6x6" beach scene in the moonlight, which I think will be amazing if I can pull off what I'm thinking <3
The 4th grade class asked for a spacescape painting, but since it's an entire class, I'm going to do something a little different for them - but I think it will be very neat.  And for those who enjoy spacescapes, I think you'll like what I have in mind, so while that may take slightly longer, I'll post pictures once I've completed their prize :D
Thank you to everyone who entered; I may have to try out a few of the other suggestions as well! :)

May Raffle!!!
In case you're new here, every first Friday of every month, I have a raffle, which you can enter to win something for free! This month is for a custom 6x6" painting - all you have to do is leave a comment letting me know what you'd like to see me paint for a chance to win one (I may give away more than one... we'll see). You can be as general or as specific as you want; I’m excited to see what kind of ideas you all come up with! Feel free to share if you like; anyone can enter as long as I can see the comment. Good luck!
May Raffle by crazycolleeny

Update: The winner of my raffle was Amber Carol Anne Mckinney, who won this painting. If you really loved any of the other two paintings, they're up in my Etsy shop :)

Raffle time!
This month's raffle is for one of three 12x16" paintings from last year: (1) the Milky Way galaxy above a forest, (2) a swirling turquoise nebula, and (3) a river in a snowy, misty, crimson-pink forest.  Let me know which one of is your favorite (comment or send me a message) for a chance to win the original painting!  Best of luck :)

April Raffle by crazycolleeny
Edit: Winner was chosen (winner voted on my facebook page); they chose #3.  Other paintings are available as a first-come, first-served basis to any who voted for $50 (+shipping), and any remaining after this week will be up in my Etsy store for $60 (+shipping).  :D

Here it is, my monthly raffle!  This one is very exciting (for me at least) - let me know which one of my 10x10" February forest paintings is your favorite (comment or send me a message) for a chance to win the original painting!  If you'd like to see a larger version of any of these, they're in my 2017 deviantart gallery (the nine most recent, I believe).  Best of luck :)

March Raffle by crazycolleeny
I didn't think I should post a picture in the gallery just for a video (particularly since the pictures in the video are already in my gallery), but I thought I'd let everyone know that I've made a process video showing how I make my mini-spacescapes for Art-o-Mat.  It's available here on Youtube and I'll see if I can embed it in this journal entry... but otherwise you can click this link :)

Oh, and yes, there is some occasional "blinking" in the video, you're not crazy.  I mean, you might be crazy (aren't we all), but that's not what causes the blinking in the video ;)

Music: "Floor Plan," "Don't Look," and "Lunar Landing" - by Silent Partner

Titlecard Small by crazycolleeny
Edit: Winners have been chosen!  Four winners entered on Facebook, and the last winner is AlphaWolf209x!  Thanks to everyone who entered!  If you're interested, the most-liked one was #9, followed by a tie between #5 and #10. 

Comment on your TWO favorites (here, on facebook, on my website, or just send me a message or an email - I'm not picky! :) (Smile) ) for a chance to win those two small prints!  Anyone can enter as long as you can tell me somehow which ones you like best, so feel free to share with anyone you like (only if you want, of course).  Let me know if you'd like the links to the larger versions of any of these (I realize now that they may be a bit difficult to see).  Thanks, and good luck :) (Smile)

February Raffle by crazycolleeny
Edit: Raffle is over, the winners are Jessica Shaver and Linda Dorfmeyer (both voted on Facebook).  Thank you to everyone for commenting; it's very helpful to see what people like (or don't like!).  Let me know what you think of this idea and if you have any ideas for future raffles :)

Comment on your favorite (here, on facebook, on my website, or just send me a message or an email - I'm not picky! :) (Smile) ) for a chance to win one of these designs on a pack of playing cards!  (You could also choose any other artwork I've done in the past year if there's something you really like - I had a hard time choosing a set as it is!)  I know this one is a little different, but I have a set of my own (the example below) and they're just so cool I thought I'd see if anyone else would be interested in a set too.  Anyone can enter as long as you can tell me somehow which one is your favorite, so feel free to share with anyone you like (only if you want, of course).  Good luck :) (Smile)

Raffle Jan2017 by crazycolleeny
Update: Winner is acollins973, who chose #3 :)

Update 2: links to the other three on Etsy :)
(1) Whirl 
(2) Molten
(4) Afterglow

Comment on your favorite (here, on facebook, on my website, or just send me a message or an email - I'm not picky! :) ) for a chance to win one of these 12x16" oil paintings on "canvas paper" (they can be framed like a photo).  Anyone can enter as long as you can tell me somehow which one is your favorite, so feel free to share with anyone you like (only if you want, of course).  Good luck :)

December Raffle 2016 by crazycolleeny